Aadya Shukla


Aadya is Impact Chain Lab’s Head of Research and Technology and has a deep passion for using technologies as a tool to mine data into knowledge, transform knowledge into innovation and connect innovation with social good. Aadya also conducts research at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab with eighteen years of prior experience of working with both symbolic and non-symbolic AI technologies. Prior to joining MIT, Aadya served as the Science, Technology and Public Policy Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School enabling her cybersecurity work with the US DoD. She was also a Microsoft Research Doctoral Scholar conducting research at Oxford on the semantic interoperation problem in large-scale information systems for  cancer informatics.

Aadya has special interests in Cognitive Computing, Cybersecurity, Trustworthy Information System Design  for Critical Infrastructure and harnessing AI techniques for complex domains. She has worked and consulted on the human genome project, the use of trustworthy computing in electronic governance, medical informatics and public health, applications of AI to combat-cross channel digital fraud, and areas of expert system design. Aadya is also an educator and has taught Computer Science and Cybersecurity at Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford University Centre at Oxford. Aadya has co­-published extensively and has been the recipient of a number of awards, and competitive grants.