Aishwarya Balaji

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Aishwarya is the founder and CEO of the Impact Chain Lab. Aishwarya started her career in consulting at PwC working with fortune 500 clients globally with a focus on technology and security in the consumer products space. Her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen led her to move on and join Build Academy as the first employee. Build Academy is an education technology startup which straddles social impact and the building industry and focuses on crowdsourcing innovative design solutions for building projects. Aishwarya played a key role in shaping the vision, building the business model, fundraising and growing the company. She also was previously an angel investor for 37 Angels, a women-led angel network and NextGen Venture Partners.

Being a visionary and strategist herself, Aishwarya quickly found herself enamored with blockchain technology and its disruptive potential and is now focused on identifying ways to apply the technology to create solutions in the global development landscape. She is also passionate about developing systems that challenge the current order, promoting women in tech, entrepreneurship and venture capital, and breaking down cultural barriers.