Impact Chain Lab (ICL) is an innovation lab focusing on building equitable communities around the globe using blockchain technology.

Partnering with global leaders in blockchain and international development as well as the folks on the ground facing problems everyday, ICL is engaging a diverse range of stakeholders and approaching existing global problems in a unique way to create more sustainable solutions to build equitable communities.

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What We Do

Impact Chain Lab has three main components: a research hub, a product studio, and thought leadership


Research HUb

We are working with companies and organizations around the globe to conduct research and identify potential opportunities and use cases in the global development landscape using blockchain technology. We are also conducting technical R&D around cryptoeconomics. 


product studio

Working towards our mission of building more equitable communities, we architect, rapid prototype and implement blockchain solutions that can be replicated and scaled across industry verticals and geographic regions with the highest degree of impact.


thought leadership

We partner with NGOs and blockchain companies, universities and industry experts to spark more conversations around blockchain, global development and social impact through events, hackathons, and publications. 

Our Mission

Blockchain products and solutions are in their earliest stages and it is difficult to determine where there will be long term success and large scale impact. However, progress is being made at rapid speed and precedents are already beginning to be set.

ICL's goal is to accelerate innovation in the global development landscape by focusing on using blockchain technology to create solutions for those who need it the most.