Karthik Bupathi

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Karthik is the co-founder and Head of Product at Impact Chain Lab. He actively leverages his exposure in the blockchain space to build products around global development and social impact.  

Karthik first got involved in the blockchain space in 2012 where he ran a bitcoin mining rig from his dorm room. Since then, he has gotten the opportunity to be part of several other projects in the space from both the investment and build side. Strongly believing that India will be the next hub for blockchain innovation, he has been actively involved with rapidly growing a developer team in Hyderabad. Through this, he aspires to raise awareness of India’s blockchain competence on the global stage and so to provide robust blockchain solutions to not only India, but everywhere.

He has also held positions as a research analyst at HRA (Healthcare Research & Analytics), and more recently as markets analyst at BNY Mellon where he focused on collateral and segregation.