Elizabeth Entin

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Liz has a diverse background with a combination of fashion, startup and blockchain experience.

While in college and directly afterwards, Liz was headed down a traditional path in the fashion industry. She assisted fashion stylists for a variety of magazines including Vogue (UK, IS, Italian, Glamour (UK, US), Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and many catalogue and advertising jobs. At the same time she ran a blog on the side called Runway Passport which covered fashion weeks around the world.

After a few stints of her own as a stylist, Liz realized the styling world was not for her. She worked in consulting and social media for Tradesy.com and Crowdfunder.com to help them with their launch, promotions and branding. At the same time she pivoted Runway Passport into an actual startup. An e-commerce to sell emerging fashion designers from around the world.

While running Runway Passport and doing social media for startups, Liz developed an interest in Crypto Currency. After some early investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum, Liz developed an interest in the technology behind Crypto and dove into learning all she could about Blockchain.

During her studies of Blockchain, Liz had been considering closing Runway Passport. Instead of closing, Liz is currently in the process of launching an MVP case study version which incorporates blockchain to verify the transparency of ethical and eco-fashion designers and their supply chain.

She currently writes articles on medium.com for Impact Chain Lab, works with the team to develop marketing and social media strategy as Impact Chain Lab develops and grows.